Hi, my name is danq (pronounced "dan q").

I have run several blogs over the years, including one at this site (danq.co). Some of my other past blogs include LibertyColumns.com, X-Cop Fly Company, danq.co, and Life, Liberty, and Property. I will likely start a blog again here soon.

My eBooks, which include content from previous blogs, can be found at the Internet Archive under the LibertyColumns.com Library and The Fly Papers series.

I run three servers for the sandbox game Minetest: a Creative Mode server THE CREATIVE GARDENS, a sandbox server THE VALLEYS, and a farming-themed server THE DIGITAL FARMS

I also run the oldest currently maintained Web site dedicated to the classic 70s/80s computer game Rogue, Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org. The site was created in 2001, closed in 2004, and restored in 2011.

I create and maintain fortune cookie files for the Linux fortune command, including useful phrases, quotes from Mark Twain and various Catholic saints, YKYWTMSMW jokes, and BitchX kick and quit messages. I am also the current maintainer of the YKYWTMSMW ("You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...") compilation book. For more information and downloads, see my Github page.

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