Hi, my name is danq (pronounced "dan q").

I have run several blogs over the years, including one at this site (danq.co). Some of my other past blogs include LibertyColumns.com, X-Cop Fly Company, danq.co, and Life, Liberty, and Property.

My eBooks, which include content from previous blogs, can be found at the Internet Archive under the LibertyColumns.com Library and The Fly Papers series.

I run three servers for the sandbox game Minetest: a Creative Mode server THE CREATIVE GARDENS, a sandbox server THE VALLEYS, and a farming-themed server THE DIGITAL FARMS

I also run the oldest currently maintained Web site dedicated to the classic 70s/80s computer game Rogue, Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org. The site was created in 2001, closed in 2004, and restored in 2011.

I create and maintain fortune cookie files for the Linux fortune command, including useful phrases, quotes from Mark Twain and various Catholic saints, YKYWTMSMW jokes, and BitchX kick and quit messages. I am also the current maintainer of the YKYWTMSMW ("You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...") compilation book. For more information and downloads, see my Github page.

I am also a radio hobbyist, and licensed Extra Class ham radio operator and volunteer examiner, tested for Morse Code at 13 WPM. I also enjoy radio monitoring (aka "police scanners").

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