new site design


i haven’t redesigned yet. a site this simplistic is no good for a political columns site, but it can use a redesign.

speaking of which, i have to get busy on a new volume of library. maybe add another column before the year ends.

BTW the background fractal image is part of the Public Domain HD Fractal Project (created by yours truly and posted to in “volumes”). It is also waived CC0 and you can download it here. (For the rest you need a binary newsgroup provider.)

The sidebar background image is “Romantic Lights & Moon”, available from SkitterPhoto and also waived CC0. It has been cropped to fit the sidebar, the full version is much wider. Download it here.


…can distract you from recreation.

but recreation can distract you from activism.

which is more important?

throw out your disposable digital toys

lets all get together

and toy with the physics of the world